For additional non-legal information, please visit USCCB’s Justice for Immigrants – Afghanistan Resource Page

Recommended Legal Resource Pages for Afghan Nationals:  

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Practice Advisory: Asylum for Afghan Evacuees (+ Other Immigration Pathways) | CLINIC

E-Course: Representing Afghan Nationals in Affirmative Asylum | VECINA
Course curriculum includes: Overview of Asylum Law, Communicating with Your Client, Framing Specifics Types of Asylum Cases, Bars to Asylum, Preparing and Filing your Case, Preparing for the Interview, Templates and other Resources

Overview & Training: Asylum | IJC

Overview: Asylum Law | HRF

Flowchart: Asylum | HRF

Video: Asylum Law Training | HRF

Toolkit: Afghan Asylum Pro Se | ABA, HIAS

Manual: Asylum Pro Se | UNHCR

Reading List: Recommended Asylum Law Manuals | HRF

Manual: Asylum Officer Training | USCIS