The BRYCS Clearinghouse is an online collection of thousands of carefully vetted resources related to refugee resettlement and integration. Geared towards front-line workers, program planners, and administrators as well as researchers and policy-makers, BRYCS aims to strengthen the capacity of refugee-serving and mainstream organizations across the U.S. to empower and ensure the successful development of refugee children, youth, and their families.

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’Education is Key to Life’: The Importance of Education from the Perspective of Displaced Learners

Shares the experiences of students on the University of East London’s OLIve course – a preparatory course for university access specifically tailored […]

Beyond Borders: How to Make the Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees Work for Uprooted Children

Presents successful case studies from around the world, including the implementation of minimum protection standards for refugee children in Germany, cross border […]

Being a Father in My New Society: A Qualitative Study of the Fathering Experiences of Men from Refugee Backgrounds Resettled in Australia

Identifies the main challenges faced by fathers from refugee backgrounds as they resettled in a new society with its values, beliefs and […]

The Family Case Management Program: Why Case Management Can and Must be Part of the US Approach to Immigration

Seeks to explain the lessons—both best practices and areas for improvement—that the government can learn from the limited time FCMP was in […]

Lifeskills Videos

Cover topics such as money management, housing, healthy relationships, and college & career choices. Supplemental worksheets and handouts are also available.

Tapping Potential: A Toolkit to Help Businesses Employ Refugees and Asylum-seekers

This guide businesses to understand why refugee-friendly employment makes good business sense and equip them with guidance, suggested actions and practical examples […]

Other Words for Home

About a young girl who must leave Syria to move to the United States. At first, everything in America seems too fast […]

Son of a Gun

Describes the journey of a brother and sister who are kidnapped from school and forced to become child soldiers in Liberia’s fourteen-year- […]

IOM Resettlement: The UN Migration Agency

Examines IOM’s core areas of work including case management, health assessment and related assistance, movement management and operations, and addresses integration pre-departure […]


A documentary showing the first-person stories of refugees and migrants fleeing war, persecution and hardship — drawing on footage filmed by the […]