The BRYCS Clearinghouse is an online collection of thousands of carefully vetted resources related to refugee resettlement and integration. Geared towards front-line workers, program planners, and administrators as well as researchers and policy-makers, BRYCS aims to strengthen the capacity of refugee-serving and mainstream organizations across the U.S. to empower and ensure the successful development of refugee children, youth, and their families.

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Tools for Assessing Family and Youth Voice in Systems of Care

This presentation highlights tools that can be used to assess the extent of youth and family voice in advising and decision-making in […]

App Based Employment: Career Counseling Strategies

This blog post provides considerations for career counseling and guidance for clients interested in app-based or on-demand employment.

How to Talk About Human Trafficking with Children and Adolescents

This resource provides information on beginning conversations about human trafficking with youth. The resource also includes guidance parents and teachers on how […]

Conceptualizing the Exploitation of Human Trafficking

This study suggests that the time is ripe to move away from an understanding of exploitation as a number of practices and […]

‘A Small Nick or Cut, they say…’

A short film from Love Matters India, features voices of resistance on ‘Khatna’ or Type 1 Female Genital Cutting prevalent in the […]

Heartbeats: The Izzat Project

A comic book written by South Asian women to raise awareness for forced marriage and other social issues faced by their communities.

Somali Immigrant Women’s Perceptions of Cesarean Delivery and Patient-provider Communication Surrounding Female Circumcision and Childbirth in the USA

This article explores this topic with women aged 25-52 who have been living in the US for an average of seven years.

Effective Communication For Healthcare Teams: Addressing Health Literacy, Limited English Proficiency and Cultural Differences

A webinar series is aimed at helping healthcare professionals assess their patients’ health literacy and language needs. Continuing education credits are also […]

Prevention of Psychological Distress and Promotion of Resilience amongst Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in Resettlement Countries

This article aims to identify preventive post settlement influences, including living arrangements, access to mental health services, and effective treatments that may […]

Modeling the Effects of War Exposure and Daily Stressors on Maternal Mental Health, Parenting, and Child Psychosocial Adjustment: A Cross-sectional Study with Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

This article examines a conceptual model linking past war trauma and current displacement-related stressors to maternal mental health, parenting behavior, and child […]