The BRYCS Clearinghouse is an online collection of thousands of carefully vetted resources related to refugee resettlement and integration. Geared towards front-line workers, program planners, and administrators as well as researchers and policy-makers, BRYCS aims to strengthen the capacity of refugee-serving and mainstream organizations across the U.S. to empower and ensure the successful development of refugee children, youth, and their families.

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The Golden Ticket: Accessing Financial Aid for Refugee Youth and Adults

Participants learn about federal financial aid opportunities available to ORR-eligible populations, frequently encountered barriers, and strategies and resources for efficiently supporting clients […]

Rafa’s First Day

About helping a young boy open up and talk in his new school. Available in multiple refugee languages.

Strengthening the U.S. Immigration System through Legal Orientation, Screening and Representation: Recommendations for a New Administration

Highlights the importance of legal orientation, screening, and representation to the US immigration system. It proposes that a new administration facilitate legal […]

What Works to Improve Digital Inclusion among Resettled Refugees?

Evidence summary assesses the evidence surrounding the effectiveness of several program models and interventions designed to increase digital inclusion of refugees. It […]

Enhancing Interpretation in Cultural Orientation

Provides guidance on using the new Multilingual Cultural Orientation Glossary to enhance session interpretation and highlights other resources to improve collaboration between […]

Teaching Remotely

Aims to help Cultural Orientation providers find resources related to Remote Cultural Orientation and digital inclusion. This page contains tools for improving […]

Child Detention Crisis

A set of resources aim to assist legal service providers and other U.S. advocates working with detained children.

Building Bridges for Every Child: Reception, Care and Services to Support Unaccompanied Children in the United States

Offers encouragement for U.S. policy makers and practitioners to build on that tradition by extending the same levels of care and protection […]

Waiting for Kin: A Longitudinal Study of Family Reunification and Refugee Mental Health in Germany

Finds that family reunification has a positive association with refugee mental health, though not at an equally increasing rate for each additional […]

Concrete Steps to Protect Unaccompanied Children on the Move

Provides an administrative blueprint for establishing safeguards and mechanisms and for best protecting children at every stage of their migration journey. It […]