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Many innovative services that benefit refugee children, youth, and families are developed by agencies and individuals every day.  However, when project funding ends or staff move on, the valuable knowledge gained from these efforts about “what works” is frequently lost. Since 2003, BRYCS has been identifying and documenting “promising practices” that meet the following criteria:

  1. Recommended as “successful” by other service providers, federal and state funders of services, and/or experts in the field;
  2. Based on principles drawn from current research on risk and protective factors for refugee and immigrant children and youth;
  3. Results-oriented, demonstrating the ways in which newcomer children and youth benefited from the program.

Today, there are hundreds of programs recorded in the BRYCS database from all over the world covering a broad range of topics, refugee groups, and practices.  Contact information is included in each program description to provide opportunities for collaboration between programs and service providers.

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Bilingual Parent Library

The mission of the ESOL Bilingual Migrant Program of St. Louis Public Schools is to provide effective and age-appropriate English language instruction […]

Family Friendly English Language Learning Program

After observing that many refugee and other newly arrived mothers with young children were unable to attend traditional ESL classes, SHC developed […]

The US End FGM/C Network

The following outlines the goals and corresponding strategies the Network is implementing to connect, support, elevate and advocate on behalf of and […]

The Philadelphia International Women’s Project (PIWP)

CLINICAL CARE Clinical and social care providers in the United States receive little or no formal training to care for women and […]

Youth Exchange Program

Matches high schools with refugee high school students in the Middle East regionProvides peer-to-peer English instruction, guided by a four-leveled curriculum written […]

Refugee Acculturation, Education, Civic Engagement & Health-REACH

Through REACH, IRC has established key program components in addition to intensive case management to remove or alleviate these barriers through the […]

The Parishes Organized to Welcome Immigrants and Refugees (POWIR) Program

In the midst of the economic downturn, in 2010 the USCCB/MRS relaunched The Parishes Organized to Welcome Immigrants and Refugees (POWIR) Program, […]

Share the Journey Parish Sponsorship for Refugees

The Share the Journey Parish Sponsorship program is an initiative that was created in recognition of the need to supplement the limited […]

Migration and Refugee Services

Initial Outreach and EducationLink MRS with PSALM Network and Peace and Justice Commission committees to garner support and ideas. (February 1-8) Hold […]


Sahiyo is a multifaceted organization that offers many resources for addressing and ending FGC. Sahiyo offers dialogue-based solutions for addressing FGC within […]