Child Welfare

BRYCS supports efforts to increase collaboration and cross-service training between child welfare agencies and refugee service providers. Such cross-service trainings enable child welfare workers to understand the cultural and political context from which refugees come, so that child protective service (CPS) and child welfare caseworkers can respond with cultural sensitivity when working with refugee families. Similarly, cross-service training’s can educate refugee service workers about child welfare and family preservation services available in a particular community, so that refugee service workers can in turn educate refugee clients about relevant services available to families.

Perhaps most importantly, cross-service trainings develop professional connections, relationships and respect between these two professional fields, reducing misunderstandings and misperceptions and increasing collaboration on behalf of refugee families in need.

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Promising Practices

Promising Practices

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Child Maltreatment Prevention Curriculum

Child Maltreatment Prevention Curriculum

In partnership with ORR/DCS, BRYCS “Tier One” curriculum covers professional ethics and boundaries; types of child maltreatment; and responding to, reporting, and preventing child abuse and neglect. “Tier Two” encourages participants to apply their acquired knowledge to the complex scenarios often encountered by program staff who care for the children in ORR/DCS care.

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Child Supervision

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Guardianship of U.S.-born Children

BRYCS is funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to provide tehcnical assistance to refugee families and the organizations that serve them. That said, [...]

Dating and Relationships

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