Youth Exchange Program

Youth Exchange Program

Matches high schools with refugee high school students in the Middle East regionProvides peer-to-peer English instruction, guided by a four-leveled curriculum written to work with people affected by conflict and online learners 
Provides opportunity for cross-cultural learning between youth  


Administering Organization:
Paper Airplanes

Program Objectives:
Virtual English language instruction for conflict-affected youth between 14-18 that improves English proficiency and fosters cross-cultural relationships between youth. The program uses free and accessible technology to reach students in otherwise difficult to reach areas.  

Resource Materials:
Curriculum written in-house by an educational professional

Groups Served by Program:
Refugees and others affected by conflict in the Middle East

Program Funding:
$50,000 organizational budget (across 5 programs) 

Program Staffing and Training:
Two staff members. Required staff training includes prior experience working with refugees or other disadvantaged populations, prior experience working with youth, educational background bonus.

Program Evaluation:
Surveys distributed to tutors and beneficiaries Diagnostic and final exams to test English language acquisition Retention rates  

Program Outcomes:
Program is running for its first year, and outcomes are forthcoming  

Additional Comments:
This program has grown dramatically since it ran as a pilot in spring 2017 — growing from 1 high school to 5, and expanding to 7-10 this upcoming fall. This program also operates in MD, DC, NY, CA. Please contact if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved! 

Program Contact:
Chase Small

Program Dates:
Pilot began Spring 2017, still operating as of April 2018.

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