After observing that many refugee and other newly arrived mothers with young children were unable to attend traditional ESL classes, SHC developed an English Language Learner Program that combines in-home tutoring with neighborhood starter classes. SHC’s Program is intended to provide:
1) a safe, friendly and comfortable space for mothers with young children not yet in school, to take English classes and engage with others.
2) age-appropriate activities for young children that will prepare them for transition to formal pre-school and elementary school programs.

SHC, in partnership with Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, offers starter classes to students of all English levels at library branches located close to many of our students’ homes.

Once students are ready to venture further from home, they can choose between continuing English classes at the child-friendly SHC Learning Center in Hyattsville, or participating in intensive ESL programs such as those offered through the Prince George’s County Community College System. We also assist students in enrolling in English courses at the community college level, finding and participating in work-skills development programs, and preparing and applying for employment.

SHC Family Friendly English Language Learner Classes are taught by experienced ESL teachers. who emphasize the value of fun in learning. Teachers incorporate differentiated learning for students who are pre-literate in their native language.