Our program goal is to provide the women we are serving with culturally sensitive services that will help them to have a healthy and empowered birth experience. The women enroll into our program at any point during their pregnancies and are usually referred to us by other refugee women in the community. Our interpreters/teachers (community liaisons) and volunteers assist with the medicaid process and with pregnancy resources when needed. We then provide the following services: -Healthy Mom Classes Courses for refugees that provide an overview of what they will encounter during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience in the United States. Our 8 week class series covers: 1. Prenatal Care 2. Childbirth Education 3. Informed Consent & Patient Rights 4. Newborn Care 5. Breastfeeding 6. Postpartum Care & Women’s Health -Hospital Tours Moms attending our classes will get a private tour of the delivering hospital along with language interpreters. -Baby Showers We partner with local churches and organizations to host a baby shower for the moms who complete our Healthy Moms classes. These showers provide needed items for the new mom and baby. -Pregnancy, Labor, Birth & Postpartum Support We train our labor support volunteers and then match them with expecting or new moms. They provide friendship and advocacy to individual refugee moms by attending 4 or more prenatal appointments and being available for the labor, birth, and postpartum period. Volunteers assist refugees in preparing for the arrival of their new baby. This could include things such as taking a mom to her prenatal appointments, helping secure baby supplies and providing emotional and relational support during this transition into motherhood. -Mom’s Circle Weekly meetings where mother’s and their children gather to talk about the joys and challenges of parenting.