Call to Foster Immigrant Children

In multiple cities across the U.S., foster families are providing welcoming, safe, and supportive homes to unaccompanied immigrant children. Unaccompanied children (UC) and unaccompanied refugee minors (URM) often flee their home countries due to violence or other extreme and unstable conditions and experience difficult journeys to find safety in the U.S. Some children are placed in foster homes for a short time while waiting to reunite with sponsors in the U.S., while other children that do not have viable sponsors are provided with longer term foster homes. In each of these scenarios, these vulnerable children need supportive and stable environments and individuals to help them during a difficult transition. More information on the foster care program for UCs and URMs – including how you can become a foster parent – can be found on USCCB’s website.

Foster Parent Training & Resources

Welcome to our hub for foster parent learning! On this page, you will find recorded trainings and resources for foster parents serving unaccompanied refugee and immigrant children. The information housed here is intended to supplement the training curriculums provided by local foster care agencies and will include a mix of archived and new content.