Raising a Girl: A Handbook for Newcomer Mothers and Daughters

with a Special Focus on Female Genital Cutting

was created for parents and preteens who are new to the U.S. and addresses things that often come up in families raising girls in the United States. This book is intended for mothers and daughters or caregivers of girls to read through and talk about together. This can help girls and their caregivers understand each other better and strengthen their relationships. This is especially important as you transition into a new culture and as girls transition from childhood to womanhood.

We’ve designed this handbook so that topics can be addressed when appropriate. Each chapter may be downloaded separately and a complete version is also available. Conversation starters and questions are provided on each topic.

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What is FGC?

Talking about FGC Together

A Girl’s Changing Body

Health Implications of FGC

What to Expect when Visiting the Doctor

Sex Education in Schools

Building Healthy Relationships with Peers

Future Romantic Relationships and Marriage

Alternative Rites of Passage

Ways to Engage In Advocacy Against FGC