Offers guidelines and practical approaches to refugee and immigrant service professionals on how to utilize the artistic talents and interests of newcomers as a bridge between the trauma of migration and resettlement in American society. The Institute for Cultural Partnerships (ICP) believes that artistic expression can benefit refugees as an avenue to release the typical feelings of isolation and loss while increasing self-esteem and family stability as they struggle to learn a new language, customs, and find employment. The service worker can enable immigrant artists to directly apply their skills, transfer their skills to a related employment situation, maintain and share cultural heritage, and possibly create small business ventures. Intake questions assist with identifying immigrant artists and the resources they need. Self-assessment questionnaires, which can be translated into the immigrant’s language, allow the artist to articulate needs and concerns, as well as to learn about available grant opportunities. A Facilitating Connections section introduces the service worker to the concept of traditional and fine arts, as well as providing lists of arts organizations, community resources, funding avenues, and material suppliers. These generic suggestions can be adapted for use with any ethnic or cultural group. (IP)