Guides middle school and high school teachers through curricula highlighting the experiences and issues surrounding refugees and immigrants using an award-winning documentary photography and oral history exhibition called Faces and Voices of Refugee Youth. The curriculum guide’s four sections offer: (1) an integrated guide for middle school teachers; (2) a culture, citizenship, and conflict resolution guide; (3) an analysis for ninth grade geography/social studies classes; and (4) activities for high school English classes. Exercises enhance awareness and empathy for refugees and require students to develop a definition of a refugee, to determine the organizations and personal responsibility for assisting refugees, to compare and contrast the experiences and emotions of a young newcomer, to locate native countries on a map using the grid system, to analyze conflicts, and to articulate the concepts of human rights, citizenship, asylum, racism, and culture. The curriculum guide can be used in support of a visit to the exhibition or on its own, without ever personally viewing the exhibit.