REACH: Refugee Education for Awareness, Change, and Hope

REACH: Refugee Education for Awareness, Change, and Hope

Presents a social sciences curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school classes to inform students about refugee experiences, the international agencies providing refugee support, and how they can make a personal impact on the issue. Programs in history, civics, and geography are provided at each instruction level. The elementary program includes: international refugee topics, child soldiers, world cultures, and child rights. The middle school program includes: refugee and United States foreign policy, famous refugees, the Rwandan conflict, and refugee camp experiences. The high school program examines: the role of the United Nations, the refugee process, perceptions of Middle Eastern cultures, designs for an effective refugee camp, and requirements of an emergency response team. Each curriculum level attempts to connect the physical location with the human responses and culture of the people living there. Power point presentations, maps and tables, and group projects enhance the overall goals of the curriculum. (IP)


Resource Type(s):
Audiovisual - Nonprint Media

Publisher/Producer: Denver, CO: ECDC/African Community Center

Publication Date: 2001

ECDC/African Community Center

Availability: This resource may be free from your local library or purchased from the publisher.

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