From 2006 to 2008, BRYCS staff interviewed a dozen refugee parents from nine different countries. We asked them to reflect on their parenting experiences before and after coming to the United States. They discuss subjects like discipline, respect, family roles and values, independence and interdependence, and the challenge of balancing two cultures. See the BRYCS Parenting Interviews below to read about the experiences of refugee parents in their own words:

“When you respect your elders, you maintain the connection between the generations.” -Jarsso

“I grew up in one Oromo culture, but here my kids know other students who are Japanese, Hispanic, Nigerian. All of this is best for kids.” -Jarsso

“We dream for our children that they would attend college and receive more education than we did.” -Tou and Mee

“Values that I appreciate in the U.S. are doing things for yourself, going to school, and becoming a productive person.”

“I hope that my children do not get influenced by peer pressure.” -Aline

“My hopes for the future are that my daughter becomes a professional and that we remain together as a family.” -Caridad and Arturo