In the midst of the economic downturn, in 2010 the USCCB/MRS relaunched the Parishes Organized to Welcome Refugees (POWR) Program, offering small grant support to 60 dioceses. This grant money is now being used to augment services in the following areas: Strengthening parish and community support for refugees 
Increasing donations to fund additional refugee services 
Volunteers help with jobs, ESL, transportation & housing 
Organizing special refugee events and outreach activities 
Small seed grants continue to be provided to local parishes through the program for the development of volunteer-led efforts to meet a range of resettlement needs, including transportation, English language learning, employment mentoring and more generally navigating U.S. systems. The initiative has spurred the development of innovative projects and social enterprises. With POWR support, Catholic Charities of Louisville, for example, utilized funds to create an in-house woodworking shop, where it can manufacture furniture items at low cost and high quality. To pick another example of this program’s empowering impact, Catholic Charities of Jacksonville produced a documentary film to intensify its volunteer recruitment efforts. Testimonials underscore the social impact of volunteerism on resettlement. “We are thrilled with POWR’s positive contributions,” reports one program manager. “It has allowed us to be more visible, to recruit more volunteers and provide better services to refugees in need.”