The Share the Journey Parish Sponsorship program is an initiative that was created in recognition of the need to supplement the limited funding provided to Resettlement Agencies and the strong support for refugee issues from Diocesan leadership to mobilize a diocese of 100 parishes. The program aims to engage local churches and faith-based groups on a grass roots level by Conducting in-house and off-site presentation events The Community Engagement Specialist, in conjunction with the Director of Refugee Services, are hosting 3 in-house tours and presentations this year for parishes and faith-based groups. The groups will tour our office and witness the work we do, as well as listen to a presentation that provides a comprehensive understanding of the refugee journey before, during, and after the official 90 day resettlement period. The presentation ends with ways in which faith-based communities can tangibly help refugee families stabilize and integrate into US society. Presentations are also offered off-site at any parishes or faith-based groups unable to attend, but who are interested in supporting our work. 
Offering special projects for educational institutions, The Diocese of San Diego maintains a Catholic presence in 56 educational institutions in San Diego. Calling school representatives and encouraging participation in special projects, such as donation drives, will open opportunities for youth to play an integral role in helping refugees resettle in the US.