The arrival of over 100,000 children crossing the southern border into the United States during the last few years has created an unprecedented humanitarian refugee crisis that compels REFORMA as an organization to act. The children, mostly Spanish speaking, are coming from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.  While recent news coverage of this event has focused on legal, medical and emergency response to services, there are few if any news stories that demonstrate the social-emotional and information needs of these children and families.  
With no knowledge of where they are going or if they will reach their families in the United States, REFORMA has implemented a project, Children in Crisis, to solicit donations, purchase and deliver books for these children.  We are soliciting children’s books in Spanish to be delivered to the children in the detention centers in and to the shelters and group homes around the country where these children are sent after being processed.  We have delivered thousands of books in California, Texas and Florida and are always looking for new ways to connect these children with books to make their journey a little more pleasant.