The training and licensing organization of all FAST programs is located in Madison, WI.  The FAST program is administered by over 2,000 local schools and community organizations in the United States and twelve additional countries.
FAST is a collaborative, school-focused or community-focused, science and evidence-based prevention and family management program that uses a participatory and experiential curriculum to build relationships between parent and child, family members, parents, FAST parents, and the school and community. Goals of FAST include the following:
Enhance family functioning
Ensure scholastic success
Prevent substance abuse and delinquency 
Engage parents in the education process  
The specific activity components vary depending on the program version being delivered.  Generally, they include the following kinds of activities.
Family unit strengthening activities:
At-home family meal cooking
Family unit bonding and pride exercise
Welcome & special introductions
Meal time, personal service, parent-child bond
Music, singing & stress reduction
Parent-led expression – emotion quotient exercises
Undirected play-communications (K-3rd grade)
Family unity and strengthening game (4th/5th grade, Middle School)
Family communication and goal-setting (Teen)
Kids/Youth and siblings:
FAST Kids Club
Parent peer time:
Counseled parent group session
Structured kids peer & family activities
Parent education, skills, risk awareness
Attendance incentives and reciprocity:
Gift lottery; reward for trust
Affirmations and closing routine
At-home activities and exercises
FASTWORKS 2-year community interaction
Opportunity for parents to seek help with individual family problems in a nonjudgmental, professional forum with providers or peers