Students Plus is an after school program that runs every school day of the academic calendar. The program engages students from 2:30pm (when they get out of school) until 5:30pm. Students work together with volunteer tutors to complete homework assignments, prepare for High School Exit exams, and enhance their language skills. Newcomer students and English Language Learners participate in ESL classes taught at an appropriate level. In addition to academic assistance, Students Plus offers a College class; gender specific support groups; sports; access to a computer lab with Internet; public speaking opportunities through local universities; an Outdoor Adventure Club; a Food Justice and Culinary Arts Club; the Local to Global Club; and a multi-media arts class. There are also opportunities for students to complete community service hours. For students in good academic standing, the Students Plus Program offers monthly field trips to local attractions including the beach, bowling, city parades and celebrations, IMAX, the San Diego Zoo, or gardens and farms to name a few.