Do you have clients who are:

  • Survivors of a severe form of human trafficking
  • 16 years or older
  • Residing near Atlanta, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, or Philadelphia; and
  • Interested in focusing on job readiness or post-placement assistance?

If so, Dignity of Work (DOW) may be the program for them!  DOW offers a unique opportunity for U.S. citizens and foreign nationals to address their employment and educational-related gaps, enhance existing skills, and move toward economic self-sufficiency.

After receiving your referral at, we will contact one of six network sites to provide one or more of the following services:

  • Pre-employment and Educational Achievement: Ensures access and necessary resources to continue with or begin desired education
  • Job Readiness and Placement Assistance: Builds necessary skill-set to seek employment and succeed in work environment
  • Post-Placement Assistance: Helps with work adjustment and monitors for safe and appropriate working conditions
  • Job Upgrades/Professional Recertification: Ensures access to services and resources to help secure work upgrades, increased compensation/benefits, more fulfilling employment

Employment services are an essential component for a survivor’s recovery and a key to lifelong success!


Welcome! It is our hope that the following online videos and downloadable resources will offer you useful and interesting information, tools, and tips that support your journey through this Program and beyond. There are modules on job protection, job readiness, financial empowerment, and more.  Please select the modules that you find most beneficial and interesting to help with job and life goals.  After completing each module, you will be able to download and print a certificate with your name. NOTE: These online resources are also open to other individuals interested in job readiness education, including newcomer populations.


¡Bienvenido! Esperamos que estos videos en línea y recursos descargables le den información, herramientas, y consejos que apoyen su viaje durante este programa y después. Hay módulos sobre protección laboral, preparación para el trabajo, empoderamiento financiero y más. Por favor seleccione los módulos que usted considere más útiles e interesantes para ayudarle con su empleo y metas de vida.


Financial Literacy