Refugee Portal: Cultural Orientation Resources for Newcomers

Refugee Phrasebooks

These phrasebooks are designed to supply refugees with the appropriate English phrases and supplementary vocabulary for use in the daily activities of [...]

Life Skills Manual-Level 2

An expansion of Level 1, this manual covers employment, employee benefits, government benefits, immigration, education, personal finance, housing, and health.

Life Skills Manual- Level 1

This introductory manual includes basic information on house skills, hygiene, emergencies and non-emergencies, transportation and safety, money and shopping, housekeeping, education, U.S. [...]

Welcome to Your New Home

This guide provides newcomers with a comprehensive orientation to their new home by addressing basic apartment maintenance, safety and security, mail and [...]

New Roots in Common Ground

This hour-long DVD, which accompanies the "Welcome to your New Home" booklet, covers the most important points that newly-arrived immigrants and refugees [...]