Refugee Portal: Books about the Immigrant & Refugee Experience (Early Childhood-Pre School)

Rafa’s First Day

About helping a young boy open up and talk in his new school. Available in multiple refugee languages.

One Green Apple

Tells the story of Farah, who has recently arrived in the US from the Middle East. She is not finding it easy [...]

Angel Child, Dragon Child

Is the story of Ut, a Vietnamese child separated from her family, as she recounts her attempts to come to terms with [...]

My Name is not Refugee

Follows one little boy’s journey with his mother from their home in an unspecified war-torn country to a safe haven far away. [...]

What is a Border?

This children's book helps begin important conversations about borders, nationalism, immigration, and current events. Recommended for Preschool - 1st grade.


Each spring Anna leaves her home in Mexico and travels north with her family where they will work on farms. Sometimes she [...]

I’m Your Neighbor

A collection of booklists aimed at building bridges between new arrivals and long-term communities. Books are searchable by age group, community represented, [...]