Refugee Portal: Books about the Immigrant & Refugee Experience (Early Childhood-Pre School)

One Green Apple

Tells the story of Farah, who has recently arrived in the US from the Middle East. She is not finding it easy [...]

Angel Child, Dragon Child

Is the story of Ut, a Vietnamese child separated from her family, as she recounts her attempts to come to terms with [...]

My Name is not Refugee

Follows one little boy’s journey with his mother from their home in an unspecified war-torn country to a safe haven far away. [...]

What is a Border?

This children's book helps begin important conversations about borders, nationalism, immigration, and current events. Recommended for Preschool - 1st grade.


Each spring Anna leaves her home in Mexico and travels north with her family where they will work on farms. Sometimes she [...]

I’m Your Neighbor

A collection of booklists aimed at building bridges between new arrivals and long-term communities. Books are searchable by age group, community represented, [...]