Refugee Portal: Books about the Immigrant & Refugee Experience (Middle School Students)

A Long Walk to Water

Is the story of two Sudanese children — Salva, a boy, and Nya, a girl — told from alternating points of view. [...]


Tells the story of a boy and his brother scraping together a living in Guatemala after their father goes to America to [...]

Other Words for Home

About a young girl who must leave Syria to move to the United States. At first, everything in America seems too fast [...]

Son of a Gun

Describes the journey of a brother and sister who are kidnapped from school and forced to become child soldiers in Liberia’s fourteen-year- [...]

The Arrival

A graphic novel, captures the strangeness of the immigrant experience without the use of words. Recommended for grades 7-9. (Description from source)

The Other Side of Truth

Tells the story of Sade and her brother Femi. When Nigeria's corrupt military government kills their mother, their father, an outspoken journalist, [...]