Refugee Portal: Books about the Immigrant & Refugee Experience (Elementary School Students)

Grandfather’s Journey

A Caldecott-winning book that tells the true story of the author’s grandfather, a Japanese immigrant, with wanderlust and a yearning to return [...]

Language Lizard Idiom Books

Children's books explain common English idioms using clever multicultural illustrations and English example sentences. The books come with free multicultural lessons and [...]

Shooting Kabul

Depicts the flight of one family from Afghanistan to America, just before 9/11. The “shooting” in the title refers to 12-year-old Fadi’s [...]

Two White Rabbits

Told through a child’s eyes as she and her father travel north toward the U.S. border. They travel mostly on the roof [...]


Dreamers is a celebration of what migrants bring with them when they leave their homes. It's a story about family. And it's [...]

Lowji Discovers America

About a young boy from Bombay who finds himself in Hamlet, Illinois, at the beginning of summer. With no school yet and [...]