Refugee Portal: Books about the Immigrant & Refugee Experience (Elementary School Students)

Language Lizard Idiom Books

Children's books explain common English idioms using clever multicultural illustrations and English example sentences. The books come with free multicultural lessons and [...]

Shooting Kabul

Depicts the flight of one family from Afghanistan to America, just before 9/11. The “shooting” in the title refers to 12-year-old Fadi’s [...]

Two White Rabbits

Told through a child’s eyes as she and her father travel north toward the U.S. border. They travel mostly on the roof [...]


Dreamers is a celebration of what migrants bring with them when they leave their homes. It's a story about family. And it's [...]

Lowji Discovers America

About a young boy from Bombay who finds himself in Hamlet, Illinois, at the beginning of summer. With no school yet and [...]