Child’s Nightmare: Burundian Children at Risk

Child’s Nightmare: Burundian Children at Risk

This field report identifies key areas of concern for children and adolescents affected by the armed conflict in Burundi, particularly those currently in refugee camps. After providing some context on the situation of Burundian children both within their home country and in refugee camps outside Burundi, the report considers why the needs of children remain significant despite years of service provision to Burundian refugees since the outbreak of war in October, 1993. It concludes with concrete suggestions as to how the international community can help strengthen the capacity of families, care givers, community groups, and governments to address these concerns and assist Burundi’s refugee children and youth.


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Publisher/Producer: New York, NY: Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children

Publication Date: 1998

Pages: 9 pages

Sommers, Marc


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