Tells how to improve the welfare of a community through harnessing the creative energies of community members who bring skills in arts and culture, planning and design, policymaking, etc., together. The synergy created by the intersection of culture with community development supports community involvement and participation and results in revitalizing the social, civic, and economic well-being of cities, small towns, and neighborhoods. Researchers and theorists find that culture and the arts contribute to local economies by nurturing innovation and teaching new skills, creating a sense of “place,” and offering opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue. Twenty culturally based, or creative community building, projects show two types of strategies: first, economic strategies that create jobs, stimulate tourism, develop artist work zones and anchor retail establishments, and improve property values; and second, social development strategies that create public spaces for people to engage with art and culture, increase participation through cultural celebrations and festivals, involve youth, develop civic pride through effective “place making,” and teach how to solve problems in an inclusive manner. Community builders have five steps that they can tailor to their specific conditions and resources: (1) assess the situation and set goals; (2) identify potential partners, and prior to recruiting them, develop expectations for them; (3) draw up an asset inventory, a values map, and a history of the community; (4) find the identity of the community, focusing on its assets, then envision the future and align strategies to reach the vision; and (5) write a plan that includes goals, measurable targets, activities and action steps, and acknowledgment of success. To accomplish the community building project, it is necessary to obtain funding; to shape public policy including outreach to legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government; and to get media attention to publicize the project, its needs, and accomplishments. (IP)