Describes a variety of arts programs providing avenues for immigrants to express the pain and joy surrounding the migration experience and connect with people in their new communities. Produced as a collaborative effort between the Institute for Cultural Partnerships (ICP) and Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR), these projects illustrate how the merging of arts and culture enhances the provision of social services to newcomer groups. The programs include music, painting, a sewing circle, storytelling and the art of oral history, community gardens, and performing arts. Using these unconventional methods to connect with clients, the social workers create long-lasting supportive relationships with and among participants. Positive outcomes from these projects include increased mental well-being, enhanced self-confidence, shared parenting strategies, retention of native cultural traditions for young people, and creation of bridges between the receiving communities and their newest neighbors. Critical information, such as cost, in-kind donations, personnel hours, collaborators, funders, and contact information, is provided for each program. (IP)