Outlines a training program for service providers in the specific needs of refugee families, with an emphasis on coordination of services among public child welfare agencies, refugee-servicing agencies, and refugee community associations. Developed by Bridging Refugee Youth & Children’s Services (BRYCS), this guide reinforces the concept of establishing mechanisms of ongoing communication and collaboration among all service providers through cross-service training, with the ultimate goal of creating and sustaining a comprehensive continuum of care for the refugee population. The guide covers key steps in the process of cross-service training, including: (1) determining how local resettlement agencies, mutual assistance associations, public child welfare agencies, and mainstream organizations interact with one another; (2) establishing a task force to spearhead the development and implementation of cross-service training; (3) defining the focus of the training itself; (4) estimating both timelines and budget needs; (5) outlining the training agenda and preparing materials; and (6) evaluating the training program. Also contains numerous charts, worksheets, and case studies as well as a list of background reading.